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Monday, December 9, 2019

Flexibility Keeps You From Breaking

Some people have no problem prioritizing and setting their affairs in order. If anything,they are too good at putting things in order. They must live in such a way that everything is in its place and nothing is out of place. We all experience moments when everything is perfectly ordered,but life is just not like that all the time. Things change. Life changes.You change .Your life can not remain static.You are living ,breathing organism.And in order to get where God wants you to be ,you can’t stay where you are.
Order is essential ,but life is full of changes.Sometimes life does not always fit a certain order.People come and go in your life.One minute you have a job and the next minute you have been laid off.One day everybody is doing fine and the next day someone in the family is diagnosed with terminal illness.
Life is full of change.A man can be on a great carrer path ,great salary,regular raises,promotions and recognitions. He can be a rising star untill something happens.The company folds and downsizes.A new CEO comes in and there is a personality clash.It is change and you havde to adapt. TO BE CONTINUED……..
Author:T.D jakes

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