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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

‘My giant chest is ruining my life’ – Woman with 38KK breasts cries out (Photos)

A mother-of-two with size 38KK breasts is in serious pain because of her massive chest which has made her ‘life a living nightmare.’

29-year-old Ms. Sullivan is finding it hard to sleep or walk for more than 15 minutes because of constant pains around her body.

She was reportedly denied reduction surgery by her NHS doctors, who classed the procedure as cosmetic. Now, the mother of two is now trying to crowdfund the sum of £8,000 to pay for her operation to reduce the size of her breats.
Ms. Sullivan, from Selby in North Yorkshire, said: ‘They have made my life a living nightmare in so many ways.
‘The pain is constant. It begins from the moment I wake up and lasts until I go to bed.
‘I take quite strong painkillers but they often don’t work at all. I’ve had sores and open wounds on my breasts and they’re absolute agony.

‘The back pain from the sheer weight of them is terrible too. I struggle to walk for more than 15 minutes without them hurting.
‘I’m very self-conscious about the size of them too. It’s the first thing people notice about me.’
The mother of two said she became aware of the size of her chest at the age of 10 when they had already grown into a B-cup.
According to her, the massive breasts were a distraction at school and it was very embarrassing when she’s being stared at.
She said: ‘At school people would always comment about how big they were. Boys always stared at me and it made me feel very uncomfortable from quite an early age.

‘All the girls used to be envious of me and say “I wish I had what you had” but the reality is that it’s been a real struggle. I’m self-conscious all the time, it makes me not want to go to places and do things.

If I know I’m going somewhere nice I get anxious about what I’m going to wear and how I can minimise the size of them.’
Ms.Sullivan, also complained that finding fitting clothes is a challenge for her because of the size of her breasts.
She said: ‘I have to buy my bras online as most shops don’t stock my size. When they come they’re like granny bras and they’re not very nice.
‘I struggle to find tops and nice clothes that show my figure. I just feel comfortable wearing baggy t-shirts and my partner’s tops, I can’t wear anything flattering.’

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