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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Five Ways To Win A Lady's Heart Through Chatting Online

It’s no longer news that social media is a powerful tool that connects people from different parts of the world. Numerous couples met on online and it’s safe to say that social media platforms are the new “Love Cupids”.

The year 2020 has been one of the toughest years to ever exists, and with everything that has happened and is still happening with the constant lockdowns and curfews, it has become very difficult to meet people face-to-face and most guys now rely heavily on social media to meet and connect with girls.

However, as a guy, you’ve realized that most women you’ve tried chatting with online act uninterested and ultimately ghost you, and it’s been very difficult to actually connect with a girl and make her fall for you through chatting.

This has made you loose hope in finding the right one online. Well, before you give up your quest of finding someone special online who will equally fall for you, kindly check out these 5 tips below that will help you to start off with a girl in the right direction!

1. Be different
Before chatting up a girl online, you should bear in mind that you’re not the only one chatting her up. In fact, there’s a chance she’s chatting with five other guys while chatting with you as well, so you have to make an impact and be different from all the other guys! There’s nothing difficult about standing out while chatting with a girl but to do what the other guys are not doing right!

Now, how can you be different from other numerous guys chatting with her? Well, your first message to her shouldn’t be about how hot or beautiful she is because I’m pretty sure she has heard that a million times and is now tired of hearing it. You should start the conversation with a mind-expanding message that is original. You can start by asking her questions related to her profile or talk about any of her posts or pictures. This will not only get her attention, but will also create a chance to have an interesting conversation.

2. Tell her jokes
Jokes are great ways of lighting up the mood and making people feel comfortable with one another, and making jokes while chatting with a girl is a sure way of making her fall for you! Have you noticed that most funny guys have the most beautiful girlfriends or wives? well, that’s because girls always fall for someone that makes them laugh!

If you’re naturally funny, then that’s a big advantage for you, but if you’re not, there’s no need forcing it. Just be yourself and not fake the conversation just to impress her. Try and laugh at her own jokes because girls love guys who laugh and are free spirited.

3. Show her you pay attention to details
Girls love it when a guy remembers every detail of conversations, and because most guys are too focused on themselves, they tend to forget things about other people. When you show a girl you pay attention to everything she says, she’ll also pay attention to you. Paying attention to a girl will not only help you to have longer and deeper conversations, but will help you get to know her better.

Remembering something she told you some days ago will not only impress her, but also make her see you as someone that can become her confidant.Take a mental note of things she says while you’re chatting, and try to connect those details and ask questions that will inspire more answers. This is a very quick way to make a girl fall for you online because most girls get attracted to guys who are interested in what they have to say.

4. Don’t invade her privacy
One mistake most guys make while chatting with a girl is invading her privacy and getting too personal! You should know that we all are entitled to our privacy and space, and it’s quite rude to frequently ask a girl personal details about her life because you’re still getting to know her, and you’re online. So, you should take things slow instead of creeping her out with intimate or personal questions.

It’s important to chat her up and check up on her from time to time, but you should know when not to go overboard and start suffocating her. Girls hate when a guy constantly bugs them, and when you’re always on her case without giving her breathing space, she’ll start getting irritated with you and might end up blocking. So, it’s important to set a limit for yourself and respect her privacy because this will make her respect you as well and ultimately fall for you.

5. Be there for her
Most girls tend to vent or pour out their emotions through chatting and being there for her to listen to what she has to say will make you endearing to her! We all are going through difficult times right now and having someone to listen to your frustrations is golden! Listening to her, talking about a situation and giving your honest opinion will show her you’re a reliable person.

Most girls get attracted to guys who are reliable and can make them feel better and if you can be that someone for a girl online, you’ll be her top priority. Comforting her will boost her mood and you’ll have a chance to keep having interesting and even intimate conversations. You don’t have to give her advice if she doesn’t ask for it, just being a listening ear is enough to make a girl fall madly in love with you!

These are few ways you can make a girl fall for you through chatting online!

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