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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

"I Get 6 Packs For My Back & I Love Am Die" – Actress, Monalisa Says

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen has taken to social media to tell trolls that she cannot be put down by body shaming.

Sharing photos of herself on her Instagram page, the actress expressed love for her body while noting that she has six packs on her back.

According to her, she will continue talking about body positivity as a way of creating awareness. She added that she does not listen to negative talk and would not live in denial as she loves the way she looks.

She also asked her fans to quit pitying her as she has a very “tough skin”.

The actress wrote, “You Can’t Body Shame me because I get Coconut Head. I no dey put my ear for negative talk. I Dey Block Bad Energy. I Get 6 Pack for my Back and I Love am Die.

“Am I depressed? No I’m not. Deep down I love my body and the way I look and I don’t want to change it. Living in denial? No! And I will not defend or explain myself.

“Will I keep taking about Body Positivity? Yes I will. Do I support Working Out and Eating Right? Yes I do!! I want to be FAT and FIT. This issue have affected people’s mental Health.

“A lot have died from being bodyshamed. We need to create Awareness!! So me talking about it don’t mean I want PITY. I don’t need your PITY. I want to talk about it to Enlighten Some people.

“Thanks for all the love so far but there are people who need it more than me because I have a tough skin and it’s not everyone that’s on my Confidence level. So please Reach our to that Friend and that Family member that people refer to as “ too FAT, Too Skinny,Too Short, Too Tall. Because nothing is too much.

“You’re Perfect just the way you’re and there is someone out there who will love you for who you’re.

The world is Hard, Don’t make it Harder. Be Kind. Spread Love and not Hate. Thanks to everyone who have been reaching out. God Bless You and Yours Love and Light”

In another post, the actress recounted some of the things she has had to go through because she is fat.

According to her, she has lost relationships, jobs and even people in the entertainment industry do not take her seriously because she is fat.

She wrote, “For Years some people have always judge me based on my look. I don’t know why this body image thing is so important to them.

“They’re forgetting I’m Human too and I deserve Everything a smaller Body can Have. I have lost some Jobs because I’m FAT Lost some relationships becos I’m FAT.

“Some People in the industry don’t take me serious Because I’m FAT. BUT (And I also gain a lot of things because I’m fat, Met amazing people who worked with me just because of the way I look. My first international appearance was because I’m Fat... I can’t begin to count my blessings because it’s too much So In life, you lose some and Win some).

“Why do you have to see my Body First? I’m intelligent, Smart, Hard Working And Beautiful

“Some will even Say ‘if you love yourself you won’t look like that..’ No wonder a lot of women do crazy things to their Body just to be accepted. Imagine Living in Nigeria (which is already Hard due to Bad Governance)

“I will have to struggle with the bad Government and still Fight Body shamers. SAD SAD SAD

“Then the Concerned Trolls, Who will tell you FAT is unhealthy and you may die soon. Or they’re worried about your old age.

“Stop Stop Stop. My Body is mine! You have no right to Shame it. I shouldn’t be a threat to You.

“I will not Shrink Myself To Please You. There is Nothing Wrong With my Body. Let’s Normalize FAT Bodies. Stop Body Shaming. My ancestors are FAT.”

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